Our team provides whitewater activities in the Western Alps, in the Tarentaise Valley.

There are 5 types of whitewater sports:
- Rafting
- Canyoning
- Riverboarding
- Canoeing
- Paddle surfing

Experience all the river’s facets and explore the natural setting whilst having fun in complete safety.

H2o rafting guides organise whitewater sports as half-day or full-day excursions.
The world is your oyster: the alpine rivers and more specifically in Isère, Doron de Bozel, Dora Balteain Italy and all the canyons in Savoie and Haute Savoie.

Whether you’re on your own, with a partner or the family, the river is a multi-faceted setting for everyone to have an unforgettable experience on.


Rafting is the most accessible whitewater sport. Adrenalin junkies, outdoor sports lovers or first timers adore this sport! The Haute Isère is the most exciting river for rafting in France: kids can have fun exploring the area whilst the more [...]


Canyoning is a fun, technical and sporty fusion of climbing and whitewater sports for a totally safe adrenalin rush. There are 3 canyons in the alpine mountains near H2o. Programmes are available for all levels for people aged 8 and over. Spend a [...]


Hydrospeed or Riverboard is the technical activity par excellence and the whitewater sport for adrenalin junkies. Riverboarding lessons are available for good swimmers aged 13 and over. Spend a half-day on the Isère and start the lesson on a lake [...]


Canoeing has its roots in kayaking and is done in a little two person raft. Canoeing lessons are available for those aged 13 and over. Explore the river with your guide in your canoe then learn to captain your vessel. The activity requires lessons [...]


Stand Up PadlleLevelAgeDuration € VAT inc./Per Green Stand Up Paddle- Child No experience required 8 ½ day 39 Green Stand Up Paddle- Adult No experience required 12 ½ day 43 Blue Stand Up Paddle- Classic No experience required 12 [...]